What will the Southern Kent Island Sewer Project do?

It is a project to provide public sewer to 1,518 homes in 9 communities bordering Chesapeake and Eastern Bays where failing septic systems are prevalent.

What is the total estimated cost of the project?

Total $50 million; Phase I- $32 million

What will the cost be to homeowners?

The assessment to improved properties is estimated to be $15,220 due to Queen Anne’s    County which may be paid at a rate of $70 per month for a 20 year period. This includes the base cost and the entire cost for installation of the STEP (Septic Tank Effluent  Pumping) system to make the system operational.

A monthly bill of $30 for operations and maintenance (O&M) will be added to the assessment for a total monthly bill of $100 per month to existing homeowners. O&M may be subject to increases over time. O&M charges may be applied once use of the sewer system begins by each homeowner.

What is the timeline for the project?

Phase 1 – Kent Island Estates & Romancoke on the Bay – 2015-2022

Phase 2 – Tower Gardens – 2019-2023

Phase 3 – Queen Anne’s Colony & Kentmorr – 2020-2024

Phase 4 – Chesapeake Estates, Sunny Isle of Kent, Normans & Matapeake Estates


Will the County need a right of way to my property?

The County will need three “permissions” to complete the project.

  • A right of entry to allow the County’s engineering contractors to visit your property in order to effectively design a STEP system to serve the property in an acceptable manner.
  • A temporary construction easement on the property to allow a contractor to construct the new sewer system and abandon the existing septic system.
  • A permanent easement will be required for the area around the tank and control panel to allow County personnel to maintain the system in perpetuity.

What is the current homeowners ROE (Right of Entry) participation?

99% (769 out of 775)

How will home sales be managed during the phasing of the project?

Both Homeowners and vacant property owners can sell their lots at any time before, during or after the project. The special benefit assessment for the sewer project will be levied at such time when the project is complete for a specific phase and service is available to the property in question. The owner of the property at that time will be responsible for the assessment, which will be in the form of a public utility bill.

Resolution 14-07 does provide a provision which will allow special benefit assessments to transfer to subsequent buyers as a continuing lien against the property if desired. It is not a requirement for the special benefit assessment to be paid in full upon transfer of the assessed property.

What does the project do to help clean up and protect the Environment?

SKI – Analysis Details and Assumptions 1-27-14

SKI – Summary of N and P Loads 1-27-14 REV scenario 2

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