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Presentation to Tower Gardens HOA 04.22.17

Fact Sheet – Dec 17 2020 revised

Background and Major Milestones
  • 1950’s- Area subdivided in commensurate with building of first Bay Bridge. Lots were developed under no local zoning and minimal septic system regulation
  • 1989- Due to poor soils and lots being too small to accommodate replacement septic fields, existing septic systems could not be approved under current regulations. Recognizing the public health dangers, the State Environmental Health Officer revoked 216 perc tests approvals on SKI. With septic fields now becoming saturated and insufficient area for replacement fields, the Health Department has implemented a policy of requiring holding tanks, at great expense to the homeowner.
  • 1990- A county Health Department Sanitary Survey documented that “70% to 90% of the septic systems on SKI were directly discharging into groundwater.”
  • 1995- Health Department Sanitary Survey “confirmed 80% of septics directly discharge into groundwater.”
  • 2004- The County Commissioners adopted Resolution #04-68 reserving 500,000 gallons of sewer treatment capacity for communities with failing septic systems at KN/S/G Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) Plant which was upgraded and expanded in 2005. This was a vital step towards solving this longstanding public health problem.
  • 2007- Health Officer concludes “clear evidence” of continuing septic system failures” and “permanent solution is warranted.”
  • 2011- Health Department documents that “public sewer is proper permanent solution to SKI sewage disposal issue.”
  • 2013- The County announces a proposal to extend public sewer to the SKI communities with a target charge to homeowners of, “Less than $100 per month for a 20-year assessment term”.
SKI Project Document Archive

(Archieved documents include presentations, maps, correspondence, public hearings transcripts, design efforts, etc.)

Current Press Releases

02.27.17 Maryland Route 8 SKI Construction Traffic Delays

List of abbreviations

SKI – Southern Kent Island

STEP – Septic Tank Effluent Pumping

EBP – Economic Benefit Program

ENR – Enhanced Nutrient Removal

OSDS – On-site sewage disposal systems

ROE – Right of Entry

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