Month: April 2020

SKI Project Update 4.17.20

STEP For the weeks ending 4/10 and 4/17/2020 the contractor completed 15 house connections to the Southern Kent Island Public Sewer System; those locations were Dorchester, South Carolina, Kent, Cecil and Baltimore Roads.  Four STEP tanks were installed on Dorchester and Baltimore Roads.  The… Continue Reading “SKI Project Update 4.17.20”

SKI Information 04.09.20

The SKI office is currently operating under guidelines from the Governor and Local officials. The construction and inspection aspects of the project are proceeding, while utilizing personal distancing while work is being performed. The office staff are working on a rotating schedule of every… Continue Reading “SKI Information 04.09.20”

SKI Project Update 4.3.20

STEP The contractor completed seven house connections to the public sewer system located on Romancoke, Long Point, N. Lake and Dorchester Roads and two STEP tanks were installed on Cecil and Romancoke Roads.  Six electric meter replacements / modifications were installed by the contractor… Continue Reading “SKI Project Update 4.3.20”