SKI Project Update 4.17.20


For the weeks ending 4/10 and 4/17/2020 the contractor completed 15 house connections to the Southern Kent Island Public Sewer System; those locations were Dorchester, South Carolina, Kent, Cecil and Baltimore Roads.  Four STEP tanks were installed on Dorchester and Baltimore Roads.  The contractor installed 14 electric meter replacements / modifications for both weeks on Elm, N. Lake and Utah Roads.  The contractor continues with daily yard stabilization and restorations.  Next week, the contractor will continue sewer utility operations on Oak Street, Oregon, Dorchester, New Jersey, Baltimore and Talbot Roads. Locations are subject to change.   SKI sewer work street signs will be updated and posted.   County staff has performed 669 pre- construction meetings and acquired 761 easements to date.

  • County staff has performed 36 post-construction site visits to date.
  • The contractor has installed 593 STEP tanks to date.
  • The contractor has connected 306 houses to the public sewer system to date.



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