Month: September 2022

SKI Sewer Project Update 8.31.22

22-02 Phase 3 Community Mains For the months of July and August 2022 the contractor has drilled and installed pipe for the community mains in the Kentmorr sub-division. The contractor has moved to Queens Colony High Road to drill and install 6” pipe for… Continue Reading “SKI Sewer Project Update 8.31.22”

SKI Sewer Project Update 8.31.2022

21-01 Phase 2 STEP Previous (2021)  work completed 33 connections. For the month of August 2022  SKI Sewer Project Phase 2 Tower Gardens the contractor installed 15 STEP tanks and completed 13 house connections on North Lake and Beachside Drive, in addition to other… Continue Reading “SKI Sewer Project Update 8.31.2022”