Project Update 03.03.17

The SKI sewer system is coming along very well. Be sure to visit us at 9410 Romancoke Road and get your easements signed. We are coming!!!!!!!!


Contractor has completed installing tanks on Touhey Road and has started on Margaret. They have installed 18 tanks to date. When Margaret is completed, the contractor will be moving to Harford Road. We collected 5 more easements this week.


The contractor has started on the Community mains. The first mains were installed by directional drill on Touhey Road. They also started an open cut operation on Carroll Road where they had more room to work. The directional drill operation has moved to Harford Road. The open cut operation will continue onto Pennick across Claiborne to the end of Pennick next week.


To date, the contractor has installed pipe to the end of the project on Romancoke Road. They are still moving north and are near the Matapeake Business Park area. You will start seeing much more activity along RT 8 in the Bay City area and along the edge of the road. The contractor is also ready to set up for the RT 50 crossing and along Pier One Road. Please be aware of the added construction equipment on RT 8. The progress through the end of February on the transmission main has been notable. The contractor has used 16% of the contract time allotted, and has installed over 22,000 feet of pipe. This constitutes 30% of the total contract.



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