Month: April 2017

Project Update 04.28.17

STEP 4 tanks were placed this week on Maryland, Oak, and New Jersey. County staff also acquired 4 more easements and conducted 4 more pre-construction meetings. Community 1500 feet of pipe was installed by open cut and HDD method this week on Brick House,… Continue Reading “Project Update 04.28.17”

Project Update 04.22.17

STEP Five tanks were installed on Maryland this week. County staff also acquired three more easements which brings the total number of acquired easements to 354. This represents about 46% of the 775 homes. Staff also conducted five Homeowner pre-construction meetings. Tanks will continue… Continue Reading “Project Update 04.22.17”

Project Update 04.07.17

STEP Contractor installed 3 tanks for this week, 2 on Olive Branch and 1 on Harford Road; 5 more easements were acquired this week. County staff has been busy with homeowner questions and concerns. Community Contractor installed about 2600 feet of pipe on Dorchester, Penny, Margaret & Petinot… Continue Reading “Project Update 04.07.17”

Project Update 04.03.17

STEP No tanks were placed this week but 19 were this month. Tank production had slowed but is back up to speed. County staff have received 7 more easements and meet with 4 homeowners this week. The contractor has used about 9% of the… Continue Reading “Project Update 04.03.17”