Month: May 2017

Project Update 05.26.17

The word for the week has been RAIN. STEP Through all the rain this week the contractor installed 3 tanks on Maryland and New Jersey. County staff has acquired 379 easements to date; work to continue on New Jersey after the Holiday. Community Contractor… Continue Reading “Project Update 05.26.17”

Project Update 05.19.17

STEP Five STEP tanks were installed this week on Maryland and New Jersey Roads; contractor held seven pre-construction meetings with homeowners. County staff acquired four easements bringing the total number of easements acquired to 368, 47% of the total required, keep them coming. Contractor will continue installing… Continue Reading “Project Update 05.19.17”

Project Update-05/15/17

The SKI Sewer Project will be staging sewer force main pipe from Matapeake School area to north of Blunt Marsh Road near the Cloisters project. Pipe will be moved on Thursday, May 18 at 1:00 pm;  there will be an active lane closure. A second… Continue Reading “Project Update-05/15/17”

Project Update- 06.16.17

STEP 4 Step Tanks were installed this week on Maryland and New Jersey Roads. Contractor will continue on these roads next week. County staff acquired 7 more easements and held 8 pre-construction meetings. We have about 63% of the total number of easements. Community… Continue Reading “Project Update- 06.16.17”

Project Update- 05.12.17

STEP 3 step tanks were installed this week, 2 on New Jersey and 1 on Maryland. The contractor has conducted pre-construction meetings with home owners on Oregon Road and plan to start installing tanks there. County staff acquired more easements, to bring the total… Continue Reading “Project Update- 05.12.17”

Project Update- April 2017

STEP For the month ending 4-30-17, the contractor has used 11% of the contract time and has installed 50 tanks to date. This equates to about 5% of the total number of tanks. Production on the tanks has ramped up now that we are… Continue Reading “Project Update- April 2017”