Project Update- 05.12.17


3 step tanks were installed this week, 2 on New Jersey and 1 on Maryland. The contractor has conducted pre-construction meetings with home owners on Oregon Road and plan to start installing tanks there. County staff acquired more easements, to bring the total to 364. Staff also conducted 7 pre- construction meetings this week.


The contractor installed about 2000 lf of pipe by the open cut and directional drill method on Talbot and Somerset Roads; work will continue on Talbot and Wicomico next week.


The contractor installed about 1500 lf of pipe by open cut and directional drill method. The open cut will continue along RT 8 North of Woodmoor Road. The drill operation will be setting up for the next drill shot which will head North of Blunt Marsh Road for about 2000 lf. This work will be started next week and go into the week of the 22nd. Pipe will be pulled down the edge of RT 8 with a flagging operation. The road will be open to traffic while the pipe is being moved down the edge of RT 8.


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