Project Update 04.07.17


Contractor installed 3 tanks for this week, 2 on Olive Branch and 1 on Harford Road; 5 more easements were acquired this week. County staff has been busy with homeowner questions and concerns.


Contractor installed about 2600 feet of pipe on Dorchester, Penny, Margaret & Petinot Roads by open cut and directional drill methods. Contractor will continue work on Dorchester and Brick House Roads next week.


This week saw a lot of activity on RT 8 with the directional drill. Rt 8 was shut down for a period to move 1900 feet of HDPE pipe to the entry pit near Matapeake Business Park. Thanks to all involved, Office of the Sheriff, SHA, Schummer Inc., and County staff, this process went relatively smooth. Next week will see clean-up of the drill site and entry pit. Please be advised there is more work to come along RT. 8.

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