Month: March 2017

Project Update 03.24.17

STEP The contractor installed 4 more tanks this week on Margaret Drive, Harford Road, and Petinot Drive. 10 more easements were acquired this week to bring the total to 323 to date. Contractor and County personnel also held homeowner meetings on Maryland and New… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.24.17”

Project Update 03.17.17

STEP Contractor installed 2 tanks on Margaret, one on Olive Branch, and one on Harford. We also acquired 7 more easements this week. The staff has acquired 313 easements to date, this is about 40% of the total homes to be served in phase… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.17.17”

Project Update 03.10.17

STEP The contractor installed 4 tanks on Margaret this week with 7 more to go. They will be moving to Harford and Olive Branch after completing Margaret. We also acquired 9 more easements¬† Community The contractor reached the end of Pennick this week with… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.10.17”

Project Update 03.08.17

SKI Schedule- Community Collection Lines SKI schedule March Open cut work on the following roads, possible detours: Carroll Road Claiborne Road Olive Branch Road Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) will be on the following roads: Harford Road Allegany Road Margaret Drive Cecil Road Dorchester Road… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.08.17”

Project Update 03.03.17

The SKI sewer system is coming along very well. Be sure to visit us at 9410 Romancoke Road and get your easements signed. We are coming!!!!!!!! STEP Contractor has completed installing tanks on Touhey Road and has started on Margaret. They have installed 18… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.03.17”