Project Update 03.10.17


The contractor installed 4 tanks on Margaret this week with 7 more to go. They will be moving to Harford and Olive Branch after completing Margaret. We also acquired 9 more easements 


The contractor reached the end of Pennick this week with the open cut crew and started on Claiborne. The drill crew finished Harford and started on Allegany. Should finish drill portion of Allegany next week. 


Contractor reached Wood Moore Road with the open cut crew. The drill crew set up and drilled under RT 50 this week. They will ream and pull pipe Monday and Tuesday of next week. The drill crew will then move to near Great Neck Road to set up for next drill shot. This will be along RT 8 from Great Neck Road south for about 1900 feet. The contractor will be placing barricades near the drill staging area and the end of the drill shot.


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