SKI Project Report- December

Contractor installed 14 tanks for the month of December. That makes a total of 208 tanks installed to date. The contractor also started installing the 1” service line from the street to some of the previously installed tanks on Touhey drive. County staff has acquired 644 easements to date and have conducted 260 pre-construction meetings with home owners. The contractor will resume work on Touhey Drive, with service lines, on or about 1/2/2018.

The contractor has started installing curb stop valves and 1” service lines to the individual lots on Allegany Road. They have installed 32 curb stops and about 840lf of service tubing. They will resume installing services and curb stops on Allegany Road on or about 1/2/2018.

The contractor has moved the pipe installation to the North side of RT 50 towards the sewer treatment plant area. They have installed about 860lf of pipe for the month of December. They will continue to install pipe into the treatment plant on or about 1/2/2018.

Note: For the Community and Transimission projects, the contractor expects to complete both of these projects in 2018, ahead of schedule.

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