SKI Project Update 12.31.2020

16-01 STEP

For the months of November and December 2020, the contractor completed 61 house connections to the Southern Kent Island public sewer system; those locations included Bay Drive, Maryland, North Lake, South Carolina, Utah, Romancoke, Claiborne, Saint Mary’s, Worcester, Talbot, Somerset and Wicomico Roads along with 62 septic system abandonments.  Eighteen STEP tanks were installed on Utah, Romancoke, Tennessee, South Carolina, Worcester, Talbot, Somerset and Wicomico Roads.  There were fifteen Electric meter replacements / modifications completed.  The contractor continues with daily yard stabilization and completing yard restoration throughout the project.  During the winter months, the contractor plans to continue with public sewer utility work on Talbot, Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester, Washington, Kent  200 block of Virginia, 200 block of Baltimore, North Lake Roads and Bay Drive.  Leading into spring the projected sewer utility scheduled work from the contractor is Penny Lane, Pennick Drive, Olive Branch, Howard, Carroll Roads.   Locations are subject to change and street signs will be updated and posted accordingly.  The contractor plans to finalize and complete 16-01 SKI STEP sewer phase I project by July 1st, 2021.

  •   The contractor has installed 696 STEP tanks to date, 79 remaining.
  •   The contractor has connected 579 houses to the public sewer system to date, 196 remaining.
  •   The contractor has completed 734 Electric meter replacements/ modifications, 41 remaining.
  • Southern Kent Island recorded a total of 62.8” rainfall for the year.

SKI 20-02 Community Mains

Public Sewer Operations in Tower Gardens; For the months of November and December 2020.   The contractor continues working on pressure and leak testing the community mainline. The contractor installed Thirty – Four curb stop valves located on Tower, Calvert, Beachside Drive, Drovers Way and Calvert Court for both months.  Installation of 2” HDPE sewer 1,563LF, 3” HDPE sewer 3,899.LF.

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