Project Update 08.18.17


Contractor installed 6 tanks this week on Oregon Road. County staff received 4 more easements. This brings the total easements collected to 565. This is 73% of the total number of easements. Next week, the contractor is planning on installing tanks on Oregon, Elm, and South Carolina Roads.


Contractor installed about 2100 lf of pipe by the open cut and HDD method on Romancoke, Utah, and Brickhouse Roads this week. They will continue with connecting pipes and installing Spur lines next week.


Contractor had to lower an existing water main to make room for the new force main near the Bay Bridge Airport area. They also crossed RT 8 with the 14″ force main and tied into a previously installed pipe. This now connects pipe from just South of Pier One Road all the way to Baltimore Road on RT 8. Contractor will continue with pipe installation next week along Pier One Road. They will install pipe to connect to the previously installed pipe that is across RT 50.


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