Month: July 2017

Project Update 07.28.17

STEP Contractor installed 4 tanks for the week. That puts the total tanks installed to 102. Contractor will continue to install tanks on Tennessee next week. County staff also acquired 3 more easement to bring the total to 540 which is about 70% completed. … Continue Reading “Project Update 07.28.17”

SKI Office will be closing today, July 25, at 4:00 PM.

Project Update 07.21.17

STEP Contractor installed 6 tanks for the week on South Carolina Road; tank installation will continue next week on Tennessee Road. We should break 100 tanks being installed sometime next week.  County staff held pre-construction meetings and acquired more easements. The current easement total… Continue Reading “Project Update 07.21.17”

Project Update 07.14.17

STEP Contractor installed 5 tanks this week on Oregon Road. County staff acquired another 14 easements to bring the total to 533 to date which is about 69% of all easements. Contractor will continue to install tanks on South Carolina next week. Community Contractor… Continue Reading “Project Update 07.14.17”

Project Update 07.07.17

STEP 2 tanks were installed this week on Oregon Road, work should continue on Oregon next week. Office staff have acquired 522 easements (68%) to date. Community Contractor installed about 700 lf of pipe on Maryland and South Carolina Roads by the HDD and… Continue Reading “Project Update 07.07.17”