Month: August 2017

Project Update 08.25.17

STEP      Office staff acquired 3 more easements this week for a total of 568 which equal 73 % of the required easements for the project.   Contractor installed four tanks on Oregon, Elm and South Carolina Roads.  The contractor and Project representative attended 4 more… Continue Reading “Project Update 08.25.17”

Project Update 08.18.17

STEP Contractor installed 6 tanks this week on Oregon Road. County staff received 4 more easements. This brings the total easements collected to 565. This is 73% of the total number of easements. Next week, the contractor is planning on installing tanks on Oregon,… Continue Reading “Project Update 08.18.17”

Project Update- 08.11.17

STEP Two tanks were installed this week on Tennessee Road by the contractor. Contractor will continue with tank installations on Oregon Road next week. County staff obtained 8 more easements bringing the total to 561 or 72% of all the easements. Community The contractor… Continue Reading “Project Update- 08.11.17”

Project Update- July 2017

STEP The contractor installed 18 tanks during the month of July. That brings the total number of tanks installed to 103, which is about 13% of the total tanks. The contractor has used about 17% of the contract time. The contractor is expecting to… Continue Reading “Project Update- July 2017”