Project Update 01.12.18


The contractor installed 3 tanks on St Mary’s and Utah roads. They also installed 154lf of 1” service lines to tanks previously installed on Touhey Road. County staff have acquired 649 easements to date and have performed 261 pre-construction meetings with homeowners. The contractor will continue installing service lines to previously installed tanks on Touhey next week.



The contractor installed 21 curb stop valves and 462lf of 1” service lines to properties on Allegany and Long Point Road. All properties (that get service) on Allegany have been served with a curb stop. The contractor will continue to serve properties on Long Point next week. The contractor will also be filling lines and installing air release valves in Phase B on the North side of Romancoke Road.



The contractor exposed the existing 42” sewer outfall pipe near the treatment plant this week to install the SKI transmission main under it to get into the treatment plant. The contractor installed about 100lf of 14” pipe to achieve this task. Next week the contractor can proceed closer to the treatment plant and install the SKI sewer flow meter and vault and continue the pipe into the treatment plant.


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