Project Update 01.26.18

The contractor installed 3 tanks for the week. Wet conditions have slowed the tank installs; it has made the restoration efforts rough. On properties that the tank installs are still rough graded, please be patient, the contractor will restore your property correctly. Tank installs will continue on Worcester next week and possibly installing service lines on Touhey. County staff have acquired 652 easements and performed 263 pre- construction meeting with homeowners.

Contractor completed the curb stop services on Long Point Road and has moved to Howard and Penny. They will continue next week on Carroll, Claiborne, and Ackerman.

Contractor has been working at the treatment plant installing the SKI flow meter and piping into the treatment plant. This is slow moving work due to all the existing utilities that have to be exposed and worked around. The contractor will continue this work for at least another week.

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