SKI Project Update 3.1.19


This week the contractor completed 7 house connections to the Public Sewer System on Maryland and Olive Branch Roads.   The contractor installed 6 pumps to 6 previously installed BIO tubes and installed 1 BIO tube with pump in addition to installing 320LF of gravity sewer line to the individual homes.  The contractor completed 7 septic tank abandonments this week.  Six control panels were installed this week by the contractor along with 341LF of electrical conduit.  The contractor installed 10 electric meter replacements / modifications on Bay Drive, Oak Street, Oregon and South Carolina Roads.  Next week, the contractor will continue with 1” drill shots and priority list house connections.

  • County staff has performed 520 pre- construction meetings and acquired 751 easements to date.
  • The contractor has installed 438 STEP tanks to date.
  • The contractor has connected 25 houses to the public sewer system to date.



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