SKI Project Update 3.15.19


This week including March 8th the contractor completed 5 house connections to the Public Sewer System on Maryland, Utah, Virginia, Queen Anne and Dorchester Roads.  Two STEP tanks were installed by the contractor this week on Queen Anne and Dorchester Roads.  The contractor installed 3 BIO tubes with pumps and 2 pumps to previously installed BIO tubes in addition to installing 139LF of gravity sewer line to the individual homes.  The contractor completed 6 septic tank abandonments this week. Five control panels were installed this week by the contractor along with 441LF of electrical conduit.  Next week, the contractor will continue with 1” drill shots and priority list house connections.

  • County staff has performed 527 pre- construction meetings and acquired 754 easements to date.
  • The contractor has installed 443 STEP tanks to date.
  • The contractor has connected 32 houses to the public sewer system to date.



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