SKI Project Update 8.31.20

16-01 STEP

For the month of August 2020, the contractor completed 23 house connections to the Southern Kent Island public sewer system; those locations were Somerset, Talbot, Tennessee and Wicomico Roads.  Twelve STEP tanks were installed on Somerset, Talbot and Tennessee Roads.  Ten electric meter replacements / modifications were installed for the month.  Southern Kent Island recorded 11.5” of rain for the month of August.  The contractor continues with daily yard stabilization, but wet conditions are making it difficult for the contractor to complete yard restorations.  During the month of September, the contractor plans to complete connections on Talbot Road and continue sewer utility operations on Somerset before moving on to Beach and Bay RD, locations are subject to change.   SKI sewer work street signs will be updated and posted.   County staff has performed 732 pre-construction meetings and acquired 765 easements to date.

  • The contractor has installed 650 STEP tanks to date.  
  • The contractor has connected 459 houses to the public sewer system to date.


SKI 20-02 Community Mains

Public Sewer Operations in Tower Gardens; For the month of August 2020;  Community Main installation;  Kent Point Road, North Lake Court, King George Court, North Lake and Tower Drive.2” HDPE  1,150LF.  3” HDPE  3,610LF.   4” HDPE 2,300LF.  8” HDPE 1,150LF.

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