SKI Project Update 5.04.18


Contractor installed 17 tanks for the month on Wicomico and Talbot Roads. They also installed about 2400 lf of 1″ service line from the street to previously installed tanks on New Jersey and Oak Street. The contractor also changed out or modified 25 electric meters and installed the pump disconnect boxes. The amount of work completed to date, as of last month, equates to about 30% of the contract price with about 34% of the contract time being used. Contractor is optimistic, with better weather on the horizon, production should pick up through the summer months.



The contractor installed 217 curb stops and about 4500 lf of 1″ service line to the individual properties along Talbot & Wicomico Roads. This leaves about 20 curb stops to be placed, on Cecil Road, to complete Phase B. The contractor will start leak testing in Phase B and complete restoration in Phase A. The contractor will then move to Virginia Road to start curb stops in Phase C. The contractor has used 67% of the contract time and has completed 85% of the work to date.



The contractor completed the last pipe connection at the treatment plant. They were also  finishing the paving on the Cross Island trail. Final restoration on the Transmission main contract has begun. The contractor has used about 68% of the contract time to complete the work to date. The contractor will be working on punch list items in the coming months.

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