SKi Project Update 10.26.18

Contractor installed 3 STEP tanks on Bay Drive for the week. The contractor installed 10 electric meter replacement / modifications on Petinot and Touhey Drive this week. The contractor also installed 10 bio tubes in previously installed tanks on Long Point Road and Pennick Drive, in addition to installing approximately 1,074.lf of 1″ service tubing to those tanks. The contractor will continue installing tanks on Bay Drive and North Lake next week. County staff has performed 450 pre- construction meetings and acquired 740 easements to date.

The contractor completed curb stop restorations on the west side of Kent Island Estates this week. This week the contractor also worked on roadside restoration on Oregon Road. Next week, the contractor will continue working on roadside restorations / punch list.

The contractor completed pavement line striping on Route 8 between Airport Plaza and Farmer John’s Produce.



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