SKI Sewer Project Update 12.31.22

16-01 STEP – RECAP

  • The contractor installed 773 STEP tanks.  1 remaining.
  •  The contractor connected 769 houses to the public sewer system, with an exception of 5 remaining that are either pending demolition and/or construction.

Previous (2021) work completed 33 connections

21-01 STEP

Progress for the months of November and December 2022, SKI sewer Project Phase 2 – Tower Gardens.  The contractor continues public sewer utility operations on Beachside Drive and on December 1st began installs and house connections Drovers Way .   19 STEP tanks were installed along with the completion of 18 house connections while following up with yard restoration at each property.   Pre-construction meetings are currently being scheduled for Oxbow and South Lake Drive .   Electric meter work will continue on Calvert moving forward to Oxbow Drive . 

  • County staff has performed a total of 149 Pre-construction meetings and acquired 196 Easements to date.
  • The contractor has installed 76 STEP tanks to date.
  • The contractor has connected 75 houses to the public sewer system to date. 
  • Total phase 2 homes connected to public sewer system is 108 to date .

22-02 Community Mains

Progress from November to December  2022, SKI Sewer Project Phase 3 CM Kentmorr & Queen Anne Colony  –  29,131. LF of HDPE pressure sewer main pipe has been directional drilled and tied in at Kentmorr and Queen Anne Colony. 

Sewer pipe work on the community main will continue in both developments.

  • County staff has acquired 158 easements to date.
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