SKI Project Report- November 2017


Contractor installed 25 tanks for the month on Virginia, Elm, and North Lake Roads; installation will continue on these roads next week. To date the contractor has installed 194 tanks, about 26% of the total contract and they have used about 25% of the contract time. County staff has acquired 638 easements, about 82% of the required easements. They have also held 254 pre-construction meetings with homeowners.


Contractor installed about 1100lf of pipe for the month. They have also pressure tested the community mains in Phase A. They will continue over to Phase B to complete some tie-ins. This puts the contractor at about 70% completed with using about 48% of the contract time allotted.


Contractor installed about 2700lf of 12″ pipe. Pipe was placed from the golf course to north of Queens Colony High Road. They will continue north to make a connection to the previously installed 16″ pipe at Kentmorr Road. The contractor also placed about 400 tons of asphalt on the trail where they installed pipe. This puts the contractor at about 83% completed with using about 49% of the allotted contract time.

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