Project Update 4.6.18


Contractor installed 9 tanks on Talbot and Worcester Roads for the month.  The total number of tanks installed to date 234.  They also installed approximately 1300 lf of 1″ service line from previously installed tanks to the road on Maryland Road.  Contractor has used about 32% of contract time and has completed about 28.5% of the work.  Contractor will continue with tank installs on Worcester Road and 1″ service line installs on New Jersey.  County staff have acquired 683 easements and performed 289 pre-construction meetings with homeowners.



Contractor installed 176 curb stops and about 4,000 lf of 1″ service line, from the main to the property lines, this month.  473 curb stops and about 10,800 lf of 1″ service line installed to date.  This represents about 81% of the work completed with about 63% of the contract time used.  The contractor has also tested all the lines in phase A and has started testing a few mains in Phase B.  The contractor will continue installing curb stops on Talbot and Somerset Roads.



Contractor has cored two holes into the wet well at the Waste Water Treatment plant.  They will be installing the last 10 feet of pipe into the wet well to complete the piping for the transmission main line. There are still several punch list items to be completed and work at the treatment plant to be completed.  The contractor will be working on them in the next month. The contractor has used 64% of the contract time and has completed over 92% of the contract work

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