Month: March 2018

Project Update 03.29.18

STEP Contractor installed 2 tanks on Talbot Road this week. They also installed 1” service lines to previously installed tanks on Maryland Road. Tanks will continue to be installed on Talbot next week. County staff have acquired 682 easements to date and performed 281… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.29.18”

Project Update 03.23.18

STEP Contractor installed one step tank on Talbot RD.  Inclement weather has slowed down progress for the week.  County staff has aquired 679 easements(88%) to date.  Contractor to continue installing tanks on Talbot. COMMUNITY Contractor placed ten curb stops on Baltimore Road for the… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.23.18”

Project Update 03.16.18

STEP Contractor installed three step tanks on Talbot Road and four 1” inch drill shots on Maryland Road.  County staff has acquired 675 easements (87%) to date.  Contractor will continue setting tanks next week on Talbot.  Door hangers are being placed on Wicomico Road… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.16.18”

Project Update 03.09.18

STEP Contractor installed 1” service lines to tanks that were previously installed on Maryland Road this week. They also worked on some of the OP roads filling pot holes. Contractor will continue next week with tank installs and service lines on Maryland and Touhey.… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.09.18”

Project Update 03.02.18

STEP Contractor installed 5 tanks for the month and ran 1403lf of 1” pressure pipe from 13 previously installed tanks to the street. This brings the number of tanks installed to 225 to date. This equates to 28% of the contract price paid out… Continue Reading “Project Update 03.02.18”