Project Update 03.16.18


Contractor installed three step tanks on Talbot Road and four 1” inch drill shots on Maryland Road.  County staff has acquired 675 easements (87%) to date.  Contractor will continue setting tanks next week on Talbot.  Door hangers are being placed on Wicomico Road for pre-construction meetings.


Contractor placed curb stops on Dorchester, Baltimore, Kent Point and Queen Anne Roads.  Contractor placed sewer caps on curb stop valves and concrete rings around the valves; community line pressure testing continues; continued setting curb stop stakes and obtaining additional GPS shots. 


The contractor performed several Hydrostatic tests on individual sections of 10,000 FT or less.  One test remains to incorporate the chemical feed line at the airport pump station.  The contractor installed the chemical feed line on Thursday of this week.  The crews also continued completing items on the ARV checklists for compliance with contract specifications.  Finally, the contractor filled potholes and cleaned up the roadway crossings where the sanitary mains passed through



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