Project Update 03.09.18

Contractor installed 1ā€ service lines to tanks that were previously installed on Maryland Road this week. They also worked on some of the OP roads filling pot holes. Contractor will continue next week with tank installs and service lines on Maryland and Touhey. County staff have acquired 672 easements to date.

Contractor installed about 30 services to properties on Queen Anne Road this week. They also started filling the community lines in phase 3 with water in preparation for the hydrostatic test on the main lines. The contractor will continue with service next week along RT8 and Baltimore Road.

Contractor began filling the transmission main line with water from Romancoke Pier to the Waste Water Treatment Plant. They filled the entire line and pumped up the pressure to about 100psi. The contractor will now isolate sections of the main to complete the hydrostatic testing in each section.

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