Project update 4.13.18


Contractor started with the electric meter modification this week on New Jersey.  Four meter pans were changed out and one was modified.  All 5 now have the sewer disconnect breaker installed on the side or bottom of the meter can.  The contractor also installed 3 tanks this week on Wicomico Road. They also installed 1″ pressure sewer lines from the street to tanks previously installed on New Jersey Road.  Tanks will continue on Wicomico next week and electric meter modifications will continue on New Jersey.  County staff has conducted 293 pre-construction meetings, and have acquired 687 easements to date.



Contractor installed approximately 30 services along Talbot and Somerset Roads this week.  That finished out those two roads. The contractor will start on Caroline and Worcester next week along with finishing a few services on Kent.



Contractor worked on punch list items this week. Contractor will be working with-in the treatment plant next week.

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