SKI Project Update 6.1.18


Contractor installed 5 tanks for the week on Wicomico, Kent and Washington Roads.  They also ran 483lf of 1″ service lines from the street to previously installed tanks with bio-tube less pump.  The contractor installed 5 electric meter replace and 1 electric meter modification on Long Point and Claiborne Roads.  Electric meter replace/ modification will continue on Long Point and Claiborne Roads next week.  Drill shots will continue on South Carolina with tank installs on Wicomico.  County Staff has acquired 701 easements and has conducted 329 pre-cons to date.



Contractor installed 9 curb stops for the week with 208lf of 1″ service lines within the 300 block of Utah Road.  The contractor will continue curb stop installs on Utah Road next week.



This week the contractor worked on pavement patching in the area of Kent Island Estates- East of Route 8.  Contractor also continued restoration at the waste water treatment plant.  Contractor will continue pavement patching next week.


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