SKI Project Update May 2018

May rain fall recorded at the SKI office was over 10 inches.



Contractor had a productive month in spite of the rain. The contractor installed 17 STEP tanks on Wicomico, Washington, and Kent Roads. They installed 35 Bio-tubes in previously installed tanks on South Carolina, Oregon, and New Jersey. They installed 1764lf of 1″ pressure service line and replaced or modified 45 electric meters. Contractor will continue with 1″ pressure line installs on Tennessee and STEP tank placements on Harford and Carroll Roads. Through May 31st, the contractor has used approximately 36% of the contract time and completed about 32% of the work.



The contractor has been concentrating on restoration in Phase A & B with one crew installing curb stops in Phase C. The Rain did slow progress on restoration. The contractor managed to install 54 curb stops and 1178lf of 1″ service line to lots on North Lake, Virginia, Cecil, and Utah. Contractor will continue with curb stops on Utah next month. Through May 31st the contractor has used approximately 70% of the contract time and completed about 87% of the work.



The contractor completed the work on the flow meter at the treatment plant and worked on some paving on the South Island trail. They will be working on punch list items for the transmission main project next month. The contractor has used approximately 72% of the contractor time and has completed over 92% of the work.


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