Project Update 06.22.17


Four STEP tanks were installed this week on Maryland Road and Oak Street bringing the total of installed tanks to 80, which is 10.3% of the 775 required. Maryland Road has only twelve more tanks to be set! Seven pre- construction meetings were held this week. County staff acquired a total of 500 (64.51 %) easements, two hundred and twenty five till 100%. If you haven’t completed your easement come see us at the SKI Office 9410 Romancoke Road (next to United Communities Volunteer Fire Department) Stevensville, Md.


Contractor installed about 1600 feet of pipe by open cut and 1300 feet by directional drill method. Pipe was installed on Maryland , Utah , Elm, New Jersey and Beach . Contractor will continue on Maryland, Elm and New Jersey next week.


Contractor installed about 320 feet of pipe by the open cut method. Crews encountered fracking and pavement failure on Route 8 requiring lane shifts during the repair. Next week contractor will continue pipe install by open cut crossing over Davidson Road and onto the Mattapex School property.

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