SKI Project Update 08.06.18


The contractor installed 21 STEP tanks for the month. They also replaced or modified 25 electric meters, and directional drilled 2561lf of 1” service line to previously installed tanks. The work completed to date, equates to about 35% of the total job with about 40% of the contract time used. County staff have acquired 718 easements (93%) and have conducted 380 pre-construction meetings. Tank placements will continue in Phase A next month.


The contractor installed 116 curb stops and 2750lf of 1” service lines to properties on Virginia, Tennessee, Beach, Bay and New Jersey. That puts the work completed at 90%, with 78% of the contract time used. The contractor will continue with curb stop placements on Oregon, Elm, and Route 8.


Contractor is working on completing punch list items.


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