SKI Project Update 8.31.18


The contractor installed 4 STEP tanks for the week on Penny Lane, Long Point, Claiborne, Allegany Roads. They also drilled 692lf of 1″ pressure sewer line on Wicomico Road. The contractor worked on yard restorations and cleanup on North Lake and Wicomico Roads.  Next week, weather permitting the contractor will continue drill shots on Wicomico.  The contractor installed 10 electric meter replacement / modifications on Ackerman Drive, Penny Lane, Carroll, Harford and Howard Roads this week.  The contractor plans to continue with electric meter installs on Harford and Olive Branch Roads next week.   County Staff has acquired 731 easements and has conducted 407 pre-construction meetings to date.



The contractor installed 34 curb stops with 870lf of 1″ service tubing on South Carolina Road, Oak and Elm Street for the week. The contractor will continue curb stop placements on South Carolina and Maryland Roads next week.



No project activity.


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