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SKI Office will be closing today, July 25, at 4:00 PM.

Project Update 07.21.17

STEP Contractor installed 6 tanks for the week on South Carolina Road; tank installation will continue next week on Tennessee Road. We should break 100 tanks being installed sometime next week.  County staff held pre-construction meetings and acquired more easements. The current easement total… Continue Reading “Project Update 07.21.17”

Project Update 07.14.17

STEP Contractor installed 5 tanks this week on Oregon Road. County staff acquired another 14 easements to bring the total to 533 to date which is about 69% of all easements. Contractor will continue to install tanks on South Carolina next week. Community Contractor… Continue Reading “Project Update 07.14.17”

Project Update 07.07.17

STEP 2 tanks were installed this week on Oregon Road, work should continue on Oregon next week. Office staff have acquired 522 easements (68%) to date. Community Contractor installed about 700 lf of pipe on Maryland and South Carolina Roads by the HDD and… Continue Reading “Project Update 07.07.17”

Project Update 06.30.17

STEP The contractor installed 19 tanks for the month, bringing the total installed to 85. That is about 10% of the tanks to be installed. Staff continues to acquire easements and meet with homeowners for pre-tank installations. Tanks will continue to be installed on… Continue Reading “Project Update 06.30.17”

Project Update 06.22.17

STEP Four STEP tanks were installed this week on Maryland Road and Oak Street bringing the total of installed tanks to 80, which is 10.3% of the 775 required. Maryland Road has only twelve more tanks to be set! Seven pre- construction meetings were… Continue Reading “Project Update 06.22.17”

Project Update- 06.16.17

STEP 4 Step Tanks were installed this week on Maryland and New Jersey Roads. Contractor will continue on these roads next week. County staff acquired 7 more easements and held 8 pre-construction meetings. We have about 63% of the total number of easements. Community… Continue Reading “Project Update- 06.16.17”

Project Update 06.09.17

STEP Contractor installed four tanks this week on New Jersey Road and Oak Street. County staff acquired nine more easements this week to bring the total number of easements to 60%. Thanks to the residents for responding. Tanks will continue to be installed on… Continue Reading “Project Update 06.09.17”

Project Update 06.02.17

This month has been wet!!! STEP 16 tanks were installed this month on Maryland and New Jersey Roads. This brings the total number of tanks installed to 66. Another 29 easements were signed this week, 43 for the month, to bring the total to… Continue Reading “Project Update 06.02.17”

Project Update 05.26.17

The word for the week has been RAIN. STEP Through all the rain this week the contractor installed 3 tanks on Maryland and New Jersey. County staff has acquired 379 easements to date; work to continue on New Jersey after the Holiday. Community Contractor… Continue Reading “Project Update 05.26.17”